[ZWeb] REVISIT: Switch zope.org search to google

Paul Everitt paul@eurozope.org
Wed, 16 Oct 2002 17:17:07 +0200

On mercredi, oct 16, 2002, at 17:08 Europe/Paris, Shane Hathaway wrote:

> Paul Everitt wrote:
>> Alas, this would require migration from Python 1.5.2/Zope 2.3.<hack> 
>> to Python 2.x/Zope 2.6.  This is a
>> non-trivial exercise, or at least it is complicated enough that it 
>> isn't a scheduled activity.
> Why not?  As a test, I once migrated zope.org to Python 2.1/Zope 2.4.  
> I could see no breakage.  The only hard part was copying the 2 GB 
> Data.fs to my box.

If it's that easy, then obviously it should be done.  I'm not sure 
though how to get from "we agree it should be done" to getting it done.

I think the devil in the details part is in getting from 90% done to 
100% done.  If history on zope.org is any guide, it can sometimes take 
several weeks to stamp out the breakage.  It's important to have 
available the people with the access and knowledge to respond to 
outages or other critical problems.

If this is on the table, then what next?  Is Martijn the guy to get 
this scheduled?

I don't want something that might happen, but doesn't, to become the 
blocker on something that can be done through-the-web in ten minutes.

Perhaps the decision will come down that zope.org will never use a 
non-Zope search engine.  If that's the case, then our efforts should 
indeed go into making something happen.