[ZWeb] Upcoming events, and removing the news

Paul Everitt paul@zope-europe.org
Sat, 12 Apr 2003 17:21:06 +0200

I think George gives a pretty good explanation.  Still, we should remove 
(from the home page) the existing blurb *in addition to* lobbying for a 
new News.  IMO, at least.


george donnelly wrote:
> [mark @ zopemag wrote (mark@zopemag.com) on 4/12/03 8:04 AM]
>>Is anybody working on the next edition? Why is it so difficult to publish
>>this regularly.
>>Is there an editor for the Zope News? I see that several individual
>>people are listed
>>as having compiled the last entry.
> I'm the nominal "first-guy-to-shoot". ;)
> I'm not working on a new edition atm, tho, I am interested in doing it.
> It is "difficult" to to publish regularly bc few people are interested in
> the job, bc it takes some serious time and effort, bc we are all busy and bc
> we don't have a good workflow, space or system for incrementally building up
> a zope news issue.
> I'd like to setup a kind of weblog where people can submit their writeups
> and that will enable us to do the news in a "bite-size" fashion and
> therefore the task for the individual person would be less daunting, but
> whenever I bring this up, people say that that's what ZopeZen is doing and
> there's no need to duplicate.
> so that's where we're at. :)
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