[ZWeb] Fwd: insufficient privilege in my own folder

Jeffrey P Shell jeffrey at cuemedia.com
Mon Aug 11 13:13:10 EDT 2003

Does the Zope.org review process take away edit privileges once 
something is public?  Should I tell him to retract his product, make 
changes, and publish it again?

(Sorry - still getting my head around some of the new software and 

Begin forwarded message:

> From: "Arthur CCC" <ccube3job at hotmail.com>
> Date: Mon Aug 11, 2003  12:06:07  PM US/Mountain
> To: <webmaster at zope.org>
> Subject: insufficient privilege in my own folder
> Reply-To: "Arthur CCC" <arthur at hofung.edu.hk>
> Dear Sir
> I just published my new products, the CMFDocMgt. I wanna update some 
> info of it.
> However, when i try to save the software release, it show errors
> Insufficient Privileges
> You do not have sufficient privileges to view this page. If you 
> believe you are receiving this message in error, please send an e-mail 
> to webmaster at zope.org.
> What can I do?
> Thanks for your help
> Arthur

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