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Jeffrey P Shell jeffrey at cuemedia.com
Mon Aug 25 09:05:41 EDT 2003

On Sunday, August 24, 2003, at 11:11  PM, alan runyan wrote:

>> HOWEVER, I can no longer find the "Advanced Search" page, which I 
>> find ESSENTIAL. Let me re-emphasize that -- without this feature, the 
>> site must be viewed as *crippled*.  Please tell me it's just hiding 
>> somewhere!
> http://zope.org/search_form  <-does that work for you?
> also the zope logo is pixalated.  should be fixed.
>> ALSO, as a product developer with some released packages
>> on the site, I'm really distressed to find that my structured text 
>> page has lost all of its formatting so that it is now one huge glop 
>> of unformatted text.  And I see today that I'm not the only one hit 
>> by this (examples in links below).
>> Mine:
>> http://zope.org/Members/terry/VarImage
> http://zope.org/Members/terry/VarImage/swpackage_edit_form
> eek. looks like there is no mechanism to say whether or not the
> description is in structured text or html!  this should be fixed.
> i guess it could be fixed most easily by simply having stx render

Because by default, Description is supposed to be a few sentences 
describing a content item.  It should be free from markup.  The content 
body should be markup specific.  For whatever reason, 'Description' was 
used for the main body of software packages, and as such has none of 
the CMF's renderers behind it.  This is not a one line fix.  And nor 
should it default to Structured Text automatically, because then all of 
the people who used HTML end up in a bind.

It should be fixed, but it will take some work.

> the description on the swpackage_view template.  this is a big problem 
> - i agree.
>> If these two issues were to be resolved, I'd call the changeover a 
>> big success, but as it is, I'd really be happier if you went back to 
>> the old site.
> no going back to the old site ;-)
> ~runyaga
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