[ZWeb] Zope.org Site

alan runyan runyaga at runyaga.com
Mon Aug 25 01:11:42 EDT 2003

> HOWEVER, I can no longer find the "Advanced Search" page, which I find 
> ESSENTIAL. Let me re-emphasize that -- without this feature, the site 
> must be viewed as *crippled*.  Please tell me it's just hiding somewhere!

http://zope.org/search_form  <-does that work for you?

also the zope logo is pixalated.  should be fixed.

> ALSO, as a product developer with some released packages
> on the site, I'm really distressed to find that my structured text page 
> has lost all of its formatting so that it is now one huge glop of 
> unformatted text.  And I see today that I'm not the only one hit by this 
> (examples in links below).
> Mine:
> http://zope.org/Members/terry/VarImage


eek. looks like there is no mechanism to say whether or not the
description is in structured text or html!  this should be fixed.
i guess it could be fixed most easily by simply having stx render
the description on the swpackage_view template.  this is a big problem - i 

> If these two issues were to be resolved, I'd call the changeover a big 
> success, but as it is, I'd really be happier if you went back to the old 
> site.

no going back to the old site ;-)


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