[ZWeb] Where is the link to current RPMs gone?

Paul Everitt paul at eurozope.org
Fri Aug 29 01:42:36 EDT 2003

Chris McDonough wrote:
> It is indeed frustrating to have such centralized control of some
> parts of the website and I do agree that we need to be more responsive
> to change requests and share ownership of the shared bits.  But there
> is no one work works at Zope Corporation whose job it is to manage the
> website.  That's why these things get dropped on the floor.  There was
> talk a while back of offering manager access to various folks after a
> contributor's agreement was signed, but I have no idea where that
> effort is now.

I asked some questions many weeks ago but never received an answer. 
Others also asked questions with no answer.  Andreas and I both have 
asked whether our current manager roles mean we shouldn't log in, but 
have received no answer.  Not a lotta love goin' on. :^)

Here were my comments about the Zope.org Contributor Agreement:


Any contributions become the confidential "Protected Information" of ZC? 
    Restricting the business activities of volunteers?  This agreement, 
errm, needs some work, but the lack of response indicates that there 
won't be much cooperation with the community on these points, and that's 
sad to see.

I also notice that the copyright on the bottom of all the pages on 
zope.org says that ZC holds the copyright to all the community content. 
  I'm sure it's an accident, and might have been there before.  But this 
surprising contributor agreement gives reason to be suspicious of intent.

PieterB gave the best solution: just use the stinking Zope Contributor 
Agreement, and get people to sign a one-paragraph confidentiality 
document.  Why must our free work become ZC's "Protected Information"?

ZC must address this contributor agreement before people take notice of 
it.  It's embarassing to the Zope community and harmful to ZC's place in 
the community, and the ongoing silence is an insult.


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