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george donnelly list@zettai.net
Thu, 20 Feb 2003 17:11:48 -0500

[Alexander Limi wrote (limi@plone.org) on 2/20/03 2:52 PM]

> If Javascript consistently hangs your browser, I would either turn it off
> or attempt a reinstall.

Not all JS hangs it.
> Let's avoid starting the "Page Templates are slower than DTML" debate here
> again. Please. 

ehm, when did i start that?

> Should we drop using CSS too, just because "Speed is an
> important consideration"?

No, because CSS + XHTML usually results in lighter pages (which = better
speed) when compared to tables+font tags.

> Depends on whether you want to make things easier and more convenient to
> use. I still have the experience that people who are actively opposed to
> javascript turn it off.

I suppose people will pipe up if they feel as I do. I have no intention of
pushing it/debating it further, it was a simple observation/suggestion made
in response to a public call for comments.

(For the record: I am not "actively opposed to javascript". I simply do not
see the need for it on zope.org, at least not yet.)

> But it was not my intention to turn this into a religious debate about what
> should be used on NZO or not.

Gee, you sure fooled me. ;)

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