[ZWeb] Mirroring Zope.org

Rob Page rob.page@zope.com
Wed, 25 Jun 2003 08:44:41 -0400

PieterB wrote:
> Can anyone of ZC tell us:
> a) if they want to support a mirror in Europe?
> b) if their infrastructure supports something like GSLB.

<my $0.02>

    I certainly think some distributed serving is interesting
    and appropriate.  That said, I'm personally not
    interested in contemplating it until the new software is
    up and has been running for a month or two.

    Any volunteer bandwidth with the skills necessary to set
    something like this up can easily be consumed with all of
    the NZO transition/deployment issues that are currently
    invisible ;^)

</my $0.02>

Our managed hosting infrastrucutre CAN support GSLB but does
not currently.  My sense is that manual approach based on
DNS subdomains would be easier to deploy and maintain by the
Working Groups.



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