[ZWeb] ie6 display fix and more suggestions

Alexander Limi limi@plone.org
Tue, 04 Mar 2003 23:46:08 +0100

On Mon, 3 Mar 2003 21:39:59 +0100 (CET), PieterB <pieterb@gewis.nl> wrote:

> More findings while debugging this issue:
> (1) The fixWinIE in plone-javascript.js gives a Javascript error
> Error: 'document.all.content.style' is null or not an object A
> solution that gives a different error is:
> http://way.nu/archives/000494.html I think the best way is to remove
> the 'fix', and to add "style: blocked", where appropriate. See also:
> http://www.devguru.com/Technologies/css/quickref/css_display.html
> Can any CSS/Plone-guru explain the best way to fix this?

Yes. http://www.zeldman.com/daily/0103d.shtml#tweaks

This fixes a bug in IE6's float handling, but unfortunately the version of 
Plone running on NZO right now has an inconsistency between the script and 
the main template. That's why you are getting the error. You can't simply 
replace it with a block style inline or in the external CSS file, because 
these are parsed before the bug is rendered. So you need to apply a 
javascript that sets the style to block again after the page has rendered.

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