[ZWeb] ie6 display fix and more suggestions

PieterB PieterB <pieterb@gewis.nl>
Mon, 3 Mar 2003 21:39:59 +0100 (CET)

> Using IE6 I am currently experience a display problem with the right hand
> column... it sits partially off the right hand side of the screen (about
> 20-30 pixels worth).

Ok, I got fed up with this error. This is caused by the "<table
class="columns">" just before the main content (<h1>Welcome to
Zope.org</h1>...). It can be fixed by don't asigning a class to the
table of the main content (so <table> instead of <table class="columns">.
Otherwise IE6 makes the main content table 100% of the screenwidth.

More findings while debugging this issue:

(1) The fixWinIE in plone-javascript.js gives a Javascript error
Error: 'document.all.content.style' is null or not an object A
solution that gives a different error is:
http://way.nu/archives/000494.html I think the best way is to remove
the 'fix', and to add "style: blocked", where appropriate. See also:
Can any CSS/Plone-guru explain the best way to fix this?

(2) There are a couple of errors in the style sheet, see:

(3) The "Print this page" function is responsible for the extra
whitespace above the title in IE6 (caused by "fix" in (1)). BTW I
think this icon should be near the Log in / Join part at the upper
right corner, because "printing a page" is an "action" (just like
searching, logging in and joining).

(4) I think the "Zope Exits" should be placed on the right side. That
would leave the left navigation purely to pages on Zope.org (and not to
pages outside zope.org!). 

(5) I think the "Roadmap" link under "About Zope" should link to a
zope.org-page which gives a page which describes the most current
info on:

- when Zope 2.7 (alpha and final!) are planned to be released (I
hate the line "We would like to plan for the first 2.7 alpha release
on Feb. 10 2003." on http://dev.zope.org/Wikis/DevSite/Projects/Zope2.7/FrontPage
- info on Zope3/Zope2
- when NZO will replace CZO
- etc.

I would be happy to maintain such a Roadmap-page (even it's not a
wiki ;). It would mean I would start nagging for information if
deadlines are passed without releasing software or giving information
about the delay. I don't really much care that deadlines are
postponed, but I think it's good to at least inform the community
about it.

(6) the "Log in" button looks a lot like a form input. I suggest changing
it to look more like a button.

(7) What about removing the whitespace above the (left) navigation box.
That way the top and left navigation would be glued together, schematically:


(N=navigation, C=content, R=boxes on the right)

(8) Is it possible not to link to pages in the navigationbox if the
page is shown? In a perfect world hyperlinks shouldn't leed to the
same page.

Some previous remarks explained a bit more:

I don't think the navigation at the top "Resources" "Search" is
very usefull. I think it should be either removed or be consistent
with the navigation on the left side (About Zope, Business, Community,
Docs, Download, Projects). I prefer the latter.

Members isn't listed under Community yet

My quest for decreasing the length of the navigation bar on the left side:
- (Docs) Why not remove "The Zope Book" and "Books in print" and change it to
  a simple page "Books"
- (Docs) Why not remove "API/ZPT/DTML" reference and change it to a simple
- (Download) Why not remove "Products by category" and "All products" and change
  it to a simple (download) "Products" page.