[ZWeb] "Zope Exits"

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Tue Aug 31 04:29:52 EDT 2004

Joel Burton wrote:

> Pfff. ZopeMag is a useful resource for the entire community. It affirms 
> to people considering Zope that there are good online resources, 
> article-length documentation, etc.

I think Paul summed up my objections better than I have:

Zope.org should not be used as a commercial vehicle for any company in
the Zope universe.  The only exception should be a non-descript credit
on the home page labeling ZC as the sponsor of Zope.org.
I didn't intend my blanket statement to extend beyond the front page and 
the navigation pages (and other common every-page boxes)
My statement above is more about competitive advantage, though I 
expressed it flatly as commercial vehicle.

> As for why Plone is there, it's because we're a huge, well-known, 
> highly-successful project built extending Zope (and hardly a "single 
> product"--the Plonesphere comprises about 200 individual products at 
> this point). I think it would be great to add Silva and Nuxeo to that, 
> frankly, even if they are commercial ventures. Are we trying to make 
> zope.org more useful to other people, or trying make sure that ZC is the 
> only commercial company getting any play on the site?

Do I work for Zope Corp? ;-)

My aims are two-fold:

1. To make navigation on the site better

2. To avoid claims of unfairness

Now, we can sort out 2 by letting everyone and their dog have a link in 
Zope exits, but that would destory 1 completely.

As I see it, keeping "Zope Exits" neutral (and short!) as I've proposed 
elsewhere achieves both of the above. I've yet to see anyone propose 
anything better that doesn't involve work which, I'd bet money, just 
isn't going to happen. Everyone seems content just to bitch about my 



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