[ZWeb] Front Page & Other Changes

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Tue Aug 31 04:48:53 EDT 2004

Andrew Sawyers wrote:
> who are interested and willing to do work.  Lurkers should stay away. 
> That said, would be nice if some of us had ops on our channels, no?  :)

Tell me how to do it and I'll do it :-)

> I think, while painful to start, we're seeing good progress.  Chris 
> likes to act.  Others like to think.  We will find a happy medium I'm 
> certain (or we'll send Ken over to England....I warned you he was evil, 
> so don't mess with him).

I think the English are harsher than most, so I'd warn him of the fate 
of others:


...good thing I'm not english ;-)

>> Of course not, my point is that lots of thinking has already been 
>> done, and I think the structure of Zope.org is just fine, although a 
>> few category pages could be pruned out. I think the main work needs to 
>> be removal of cruft and editing and updating of content...
> I sort of agree, but also there are people who have stepped up and 
> volunteered to do some of the work you don't think needs doing - so let 
> them do it.

I am, although I'd much prefer to see them removing the pointless crap 
that's been inserted by morons (I'm talking about comments, not the 
authors here ;-) into the ZDG and Zope Book...

> Part of the problem was the lists - I've fixed that, so response time is 
> actually useful now :)

Are all the messaegs getting to all the subscribers now? ;-)


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