[ZWeb] "ZSP", again, again...

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Tue Aug 31 05:10:02 EDT 2004

Andrew Sawyers wrote:
> I didn't vote - you can remove me from either group 

Okay, but later in this mail you express an interest in being "for". Do 
you want to be "for" or to abstain?

> successfull just as we would some non-comercial project?  I think both 
> are highly important to the continued success of Zope.  Done with care, 

...which Zope Exits certainly wasn't.

> it's a no brainer and not open for arguments or accusations - which 
> often times you seem to wish to avoid Chris.  I agree we should think it 
> though, but I would be a far cry from Paul's stance.

I think Pauls more explicit stance is exactly where we should be going...

> Anyhow, this is about Zope Exists - not about supporting the community 
> both non-commercial and commercial.


> So, as long as Zope Exits actually 
> goes somewhere (beyond a proposed MailingList or the like) I'd be more 
> for the proposed Policy.  Let me say, slamming every commercial entity 
> into the ZSP section is not satisfactory in my opinion and I look 
> forward to that discussion without hijacking the Zope Exit's thread  :)

I disagree, but in a way I think you'll agree with ;-) I think the 
majority or Zope.org should be neutral in terms of competitive advantage 
to any organisation. But, I'd like to see a broad, rich, FAIR section 
which covers all commercial stuff equally. I think this thing is 
currently labelled "ZSP", but the current one-page-waste-of-time 
belittles this.

Many moons ago, while DC still still stood for Digital Creations, I 
proposed zope.com to be for commercial activities, zope.net to be for 
hosting providers and zope.org to be for community resources. This is, 
of course, no longer possible, but how about keeping zope.org for 
community stuff and have zope.net be the kind of thing Mark, Joel and 
myself are yearning for to support the NETWORK of the commercial Zope world?



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