[ZWeb] Front Page & Other Changes

Mark mark at zopemag.com
Tue Aug 31 05:39:38 EDT 2004


On Aug 31, 2004, at 10:53 AM, Chris Withers wrote:

> Ken Manheimer wrote:
>> I don't see any harm in realtime discussions, but i do see harm in 
>> having the discussion stop there.  I would be dismayed to have to 
>> check the IRC logs as well as the maillist in order to track the 
>> thinking. I really
>> don't think we should add that extra impedance to participation and 
>> cohesion.
>> So, have discussions on IRC (and in person, and via telegraph, i 
>> don't care how), but i suggest that the maillist is for airing of the 
>> groups thinking, and nuggets derived from such discussions which 
>> would be of interest to this group be synopsized to this list.  At 
>> the least, decisions reached should be posted here.
> Agreed. Would you say the above hasn't been the case for anything so 
> far?

I don't want to speak for Ken but it certainly was a concern of mine 
when you sent this email:


But groovy that we are all in agreement. IRC is for "collision 
avoidance" and should not replace the mailinglist
for discussions and decisions.



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