[ZWeb] zope web status report 2006-02-06

bakhtiar a hamid kedai at kedai.com.my
Tue Feb 7 01:13:54 EST 2006

On Monday 06 February 2006 19:43, Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Hi there,
> In order to get some sense of progress, here I'l list a status report of
> what we've been up to. Most importantly I will list some stuff we need
> to do. Since I've been busy I'm probably out of the loop on some stuff,
> so please post your bits in this thread.
> * some additions and refactoring were made on our texts. Lots more needs
> to be done.
> * some people still need access to codespeak - if you need access, drop
> me a mail. If you already requested access and haven't gotten it yet,
> please drop me a mail so I can put some pressure behind it all.

i don;t think i've asked for access yet, so i'm asking for one now

> * Various discussions on the zope mailing lists have been taking away on
> how to brand things. I've sending some mails to likely volunteers
> inviting them into this project.
> Is everybody on this list? Just wave your hand if you're here! Also
> consider joining us on #zope-web on freenode.
> We need to make some decisions:
> Decisions
> ----------
> * are we going to target Zope 3 only with this site, or Zope 2 as well?
> I wrote text to cover both, as Zope 2 is currently the breadwinner of
> most of us. I think we can get enthusiasm more easily for Zope 3
> however; nobody is going to write Zope 2 tutorials. What do we do?

i'd suggest that we cover zope the technology, that actually means both 2,3 
and five

what kind of tutorial are we talking about?  user tutorials?  dev tutorial?
user tutorial aka site development thru zmi, and some zope built in objects is 
available from the elvis site tutorial (that comes with zope)

as for developing with zope 2, there's none afaict.  There's zdg, but that's a 
bit dated.  

five tutorial is not availale, methinks

> * we need to answer the question whether we want a famous
> low-amounts-of-minutes "how do you build app Foo in Zope 3" screencast.
> If so, someone will need to design it.

> * are we going to do a newsletter or not? I worry about having it be up
> to date, but if we get some volunteers I'm not against it. If this turns
> out to be hard, then we'd better focus on the website, not a newsletter,
> as this gives us far more marketing pay-off. (zope.org is currently
> anti-marketing zope)

a scheduled newslater will become like the zope weakly (pun intended) news 
some time in the future :P

i'd think something like what planetzope.org is doing fits this well.  
although we need to get the right feed for products and news.

> Volunteers
> ----------
> * we need inspired writers to improve the texts and organize it further.
> We need a good marketing message.
> * we need screencasts! Besides the how to make a CMS in 5 minutes
> screencast mentioned above, we can build tutorials on how to set up
> things, install things, make first steps.
> * we need start collecting Zope 3 documentation we can put online. We
> need to mine what's there online right now, approach the creators with a
> proposal for a new home (we could even have a mockup of it all in the
> grand new design, see next point), and process the documents so we can
> include it.
> * does anyone know a good web designer who can design a solid looking,
> serious, but still exciting website for zope?
> Who is volunteering for some of this? I'm going to help out with the
> writing and will try to keep up my general nagging so we can push this
> forward, but we need more people.

not sure where i can help, probably i can help with reading up on the docs, 
and probably organizing (i.e moving stuff around as instructed by 
somebody) .. in other words, general work.

any eta for the site?

> It's been very quiet on this list lately, and we need more noise. :)
> Regards,
> Martijn
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