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Max M maxm at mxm.dk
Thu Mar 2 06:02:00 EST 2006

Martin Aspeli wrote:

>Max M <maxm <at> mxm.dk> writes:
>>It could probably be solved better by having two types of members 
>>'Member' and 'TrustedMember', where the Member would need to submit 
>>their stuff, but trusted member could do as in the olden days and make 
>>content visible themself.
>Which of course you can do with about five clicks in Plone (add role, add group,
>assign people to that group, add role to default workflows allowing the publish

I know.

I find it a bit amusing that I can go and change any code in the Plone 
collective, but cannot be trusted to make visible content on zope.org :-s

There is practically nothing that cannot be made with the default 
content in Plone if the the authors are technical people. Which we must 
assume that zope.org members are.

Most of the time spend customizing a customers website is used to cater 
for the non-technical user. But anybody with some knowledge of html can 
do practically anything in Plone.

Adding extra content types for releases, blogs etc. is only sugar on top.


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark

IT's Mad Science

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