[Zope] ZCatalog Queries...

Albert Langer Albert.Langer@Directory-Designs.org
Sat, 2 Sep 2000 12:43:22 +1000

I think that zcatalog is great for simple property indexing but it has
some signifigant drawbacks for its most common use, which is mass text
indexing, and searching. As object an catalog, its fine, But i think as
a mass text indexing/searching machinery it bites. I think Zope could
really use either a companion to zcatalog for text searching or a
replacement. If i'd like to index 50M i'd like not to have my search
take unreasonable long, give erroneous results, thrash my machine
because i choose to index it at once, yet these are all things that i've
experienced with zcatalog since i started using zope. for sure its
gotten much better, but it still can't handle my use cases. So i've
accepted that ZCatalog isn't a site wide nor a scalable tool.

Render up to an RDBMS or ORDBMS that which requires indexing and searching.
Render up to ZODB that which requires pointer structures.

Substring searches can be quite efficient with an RDBMS. Use for words in
with pointers to sentence/paragraph/section/document/category structure
maintained in ZODB.