[Zope] Retrieving ROWID's from Oracle crashes python

Ayhan Ergul ergul@ccs.neu.edu
Sun, 3 Sep 2000 19:48:50 -0400 (EDT)

Zope has been dying silently with the following configuration:

Zope version: Zope 2.2.1 (binary release, python 1.5.2, linux2-x86) 
Python version: 1.5.2 (#10, Dec 6 1999, 12:16:27) [GCC] 
System Platform: linux2
Oracle 8i (

Not being able to figure out what the problem was, I replicated the
site on WinNT zope. Crashes repeated there too with NT popping up a
dialog box telling that python.exe could not read some memory

I tracked the problem down to a query that returned ROWID's from an
Oracle table. Upon rewriting the query to eliminate the need for
ROWID's, crashes went away and Zope has been up since.

Anybody had a similar experience? Is it a problem with DCOracle