[Zope] Need help with ZJetDA, Winnt4 and Zope 2.2.1

Rik Hoekstra rik.hoekstra@inghist.nl
Fri, 08 Sep 2000 11:33:12 +0200

"Farrell, Troy" wrote:
> As you have no doubt heard my cries for help, I figure that very few are
> running NT4.  

More than would admit it, probably. Perhaps no one knows the answer to
what seems to be a rather specific situation. For one, I have the
impression most people use zodbc connections to access database then use
the zjetadapter (so do I, so chances are I might be just blabbering).

> I am having a permissions difficultie with ZJetDA trying to
> modify data in an Access97 database.  On my server, the DA is able to SELECT
> * FROM tablename with no problem, but when it comes to INSERT INTO tablename
> VALUES (...) or UPDATE, I get a Query Error with a value of INVALID
> OPERATION.  I mirror (It is identical, i checked 5+ times) all the objects
> on my NT4 laptop and it works ok.  The databases are Identical, I copied the
> working one to the non-working server and still no go.  The traceback is as
> follows:

hm one stupid question: isn't by accident the working one read-only by
accident (this happened to me more than once and it _will_ happen if the
access file is not copied properly. Who knows what copying properly is -
please speak up). 

> __call__
>     (Object: bmsdb_jet_select_browse_state_sub_insert_into_temptablebrowse)
>   File C:\PROGRA~1\JESTER\lib\python\Products\ZJetDA\db.py, line 130, in
> query
> Query Error: (see above)

you could try this with the zodbc adapter. Please make sure you odbc
connection is made under the system account though.

> Rant:
> I've been working on this for days.  I don't seem to understand the security
> model since I didn't have any problems before 2.2.x.  If I cannot get this
> resolved, I'll move back to the 2.1.x series.  I really want this to work as
> it is my companie's introduction to open source software.  Have a :) day.

hm is the Zope version the same on your laptop and your server then? If
so, then the security thing should be the same on both,  right? If not -
then how can you say all objects are the same? Did you copy you data.fs
database from one machine to the other?

success, let us know how it goes