[Zope] Folderish DTML Document

Andy McKay andym@ActiveState.com
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 10:34:01 -0700

> Andy McKay wrote:
> > Well here's my proclamation. It cant be done...
> See Toby's comment ;-)
> If you want to be able to do <dtml-var myFolderishThing> then you need
> to subclass Folder and give it a __str__ or __call__ method. I'd love to
> know what the difference is between these and which one you should
> implement in a situation like this...
> Any ideas anyone?

I've given it a __call__ method, but not a __str__. Ive most problems
resolve around the objects name, absolute_url, __name__, so perhaps fiddling
with __str__ might be an answer.

> > Squishdot, it seems the postings are all just stuck in one folder
> Actually, it's a big IOBtree stored in the data attribute of Squishdot
> Site objects.
> > and you rewrite whole bunches of bits.
> Each posting (and the site itself) has an intSet attribute called ids.
> This says which postings are the object's children, even though they're
> all stored in the same BTree..

Oh I think I see. I'll go and have another look. I can see a product coming
out of this called the DMTLFolder :)
Thanks! I have to say Squishdot is one of those products whose code I keep
looking at to figure out how they heck things can be done