[Zope] Yihaw authorisation pbs

Didier Georgieff Didier.GEORGIEFF@agriculture.gouv.fr
27 Sep 2000 17:19:39 +0100

Hello Soren,

It's me again (sorry to bother you so often).

1 - You report a pb in upload Yihaw Files on 2.2.0 but i have a 
similar problem under 2.1.6 (fresh install from source) with *both* 
FAQ and files. Other classes works fine.

I have a Yihaw user has Access content, Add Yihaw Objects, Add 
Yihaw Tops, Delete Objects, Manage Yihaw Objects, Manage 
Properties, Use Mailhost.

Adding FAQ or files makes an authorisation error and prompt for 
the login windows. 

+++ If i do an ESC, i have a traceback with :

"You are not authorized to access YihawFAQItem. 
"(Info: YihawFAQItem)

+++ If i give my manager login,it works fine.

Do i forgot some Permissions for the Yihaw user ?
Is it 2.1.6 related ?

2 - On your readme.txt you say that for having a control on 
Approval on news items we have to swich off "manage yihaw 

It seems that if I do this i'm unable to add any objects.
Am i right ?
If it's a problem, i'm thinking about just adding a ZopePermission 
for the Review in the Product/YihawDirectory, and test it in 
"send_notifications" and other needed methods instead of "manage 
yihaw objects".
Is it the right way to get a finer control ?

Thhaks in advance.
Didier Georgieff
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