[Zope] Why do session vars suddenly disappear?

Roland Reumerman zope_ddi@hotmail.com
Wed, 27 Sep 2000 17:51:19 CEST

Maybe it's because I don't understand the Zope mechanisms completely yet, 
but I sometimes have a hard time preserving some variable state between one 
and the other web page.

This happens most often when I call one dtml-method from another one. If the 
called dtml-method in its turn also calls some other dtml-method which needs 
some dtml-var from the first template, almost inevitably a Zope error screen 
appears with some 'unknown variable' or whatever message.

I cannot reproduce this fully yet, maybe in my next mail. The same misery 
happens when opening a document with frames. The separate frames seem to 
hold no knowledge of any previously set vars.

Last but not least with Netscape 6 PR2 there seems to be no session state 
possible whatsoever, no matter what I tried. Even a simple form is not able 
to pass on its parameters to the receiving dtml-method.


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