[Zope] ZServer Must Be Continually Re-Started: my Method to stop zope dead:

Gilles Lavaux gilles.lavaux@esrin.esa.it
Fri, 11 May 2001 10:57:32 +0200


This thread is going around since several years now (and zope version).
I am aware of this problem because I encounter it since zope 0.9.xxx (or was
  it 1.0.xx??) :-); and I would love to have a solution...
I only use zope basic functionality: Zserver + one postgreSQL adapter
  (Zpopyda at this time) and use some external methods , also some mailhost
  object. No Zclass or fancy products.

I am personally thinking that ONE of the problem is that there is no
  time-out on the Zserver socket, I think that if for some reason a request
  get stuck, the thread is never released. If you use all the thread pool,
  your server doesn't reply anymore.

Exercise (It's just a silly test I have done 5 mins ago):
- my Zserver is configured to have a pool of 4 threads
- I create en external method which loop
- I create an DTML (hang_test) method which call this external method, then
  I make 4 copy ( hang_test1,hang_test2, etc..)
- from a browser I call 2 of them:
  the requests get stuck as expected:  I use the debug page to check them:
  have 2 long running threads at this time)
            1)Opened:Fri May 11 09:12:13 2001 (488.23s)
               HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING :  'deflate, gzip, x-gzip,
               SERVER_PORT : '8080'. etc.....
            2)Opened:Fri May 11 09:19:54 2001 (27.81s).....
            3)debug request.

- I block the zserver by calling the other hang_test3, hang_test4 methods.
- that it. My Zope server is now bloqued since 15 minutes, I will see if it
  reply again later on.
- eventualy (if I have some time) I will redo the same test using Zserver
  with a timeout socket library to see if it act the same...

please understand that this is just a demonstration, I know that doing
  infinite loop is silly. In real life, one blocking condition I saw(I am
  almost sure of that, just almost) was the mailhost object: In case of
  empty(or bad, I don't remember) mail recipient, the request was blocking
  when it was doing the sendmail. This server was dying every few days.

- my zope server is still dead: I have requests in my browser dated from 33

have someone a solution?


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>I'm still having problems with ZServer quitting on me on a whim. Can
>someone help me figure out how to trouble-shoot this? I just installed the
>latest distro, so it's not the *old bug* that plagued earlier versions.
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