[Zope] Permissions Problems

Rahsheen Porter cipher_atl@yahoo.com
Mon, 14 May 2001 09:21:51 -0700 (PDT)

I've been messing with Zope for about a day and a half
and have already managed to break something (I think).

I am unable to delete any previously created folders
with any of my manager accounts or the main admin

I also cannot View *anything*, but can still manage
users in all my folders as well as edit files in those

I have one folder that I can't even access at all no
matter who I log in as.

I can't even view the Quickstart or the main root

I have deleted all the acl_user folders from all my
sub-folders. I have made sure the Security settings in
root and all of my folders make sense (Manager can do
everything, Anon can view not change, Owner can do
nothing). Yet I can't do anything useful. It seems
like my entire site is private, but the settings for
root don't coincide with this. 

Any help is greatly appreciated, this is driving me

Rahsheen Porter

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