[Zope] Newbie Question

Ignoramus Maximus iggymax@mac.com
Tue, 22 May 2001 01:45:43 +0800

Hi There,

I'm an absolute newbie to Zope and was hoping for some help.

I'm jumping head first into a project for one of our creative
clients. I've recommended Zope over other application servers.
One of the requirements for the site is that we build an easy
mac-feeling content management system for the clients to update
the site as well as upload Quicktime files and change stuff 
around. Where should I start, and what should I use?

Another requirement would be the creation of an online calendar
that can be accessed by a particular workgroup. Again, where 
would I start, and what would I use?

Lastly, what does one charge for building a CMS solution as such?

I appologise if the questions are trivial. Thanks for the time.