[Zope] Ways for putting contents into Zope

Luca Manini Luca Manini AgeLav <manini@agenzialavoro.tn.it>
Mon, 28 May 2001 12:35:51 +0200


what options are there for putting contents into Zope.  Let's say I
want to use Zope to build an intranet where not specially skilled
people (at least not "html" skilled people) has to author most of the
site contents.  Which approaches can I try?=20

Options that came to mind are:

1) make "contributions" be higly structured (I mean to have many
   properties and less "free" text) so that I can produce the output
   like a DB report.

2) try to teach them some StructuredText.

3) try to have them use some other editor to produce "simple" html and
   import it into Zope.

4) have them put almost plain text and set up some sort to publishing
   work flow where the plain text get reviewed and edited in steps by
   different skilled people up to the "final" form?

5) Any experience, other ideas?

   TIA, Luca.=20