[Zope] Ways for putting contents into Zope

Bill Anderson bill@libc.org
28 May 2001 14:11:13 -0600

On 28 May 2001 12:35:51 +0200, Luca Manini wrote:
> Hi, 
> what options are there for putting contents into Zope.  Let's say I
> want to use Zope to build an intranet where not specially skilled
> people (at least not "html" skilled people) has to author most of the
> site contents.  Which approaches can I try? 
> Options that came to mind are:
> 1) make "contributions" be higly structured (I mean to have many
>    properties and less "free" text) so that I can produce the output
>    like a DB report.
> 2) try to teach them some StructuredText.
> 3) try to have them use some other editor to produce "simple" html and
>    import it into Zope.
> 4) have them put almost plain text and set up some sort to publishing
>    work flow where the plain text get reviewed and edited in steps by
>    different skilled people up to the "final" form?
> 5) Any experience, other ideas?
>    TIA, Luca. 

Install CMF (http://cmf.zope.org ) and then you can do any/all of these.
Structured Text

  Structured text is rather *simple* to learn, at keast for
  probably 90%, or more, of the things these people would 
  theoritically be doing.

  This is one of the key aspects of the CMF, and can provide you with 
  a simple means to implement the 4th option you list.

  The author would:

    o Log in to the site

    o Add a Document (by following the links)

    o Submit for review

   At this point, a reviewer would look at it, make any 
   structural changes needed, and approve or reject it.

That's how I'd do it. One of these days I'll probably make a WYSIWYG
StructuredText editor .. but that is another subject.

This-reply-typed-in-StructuredText-ly y'rs Bill