[Zope] HTML validation failure with DTML-renders -- ends tag with />

Geir Bækholt Geir Bækholt <geirh@funcom.com>
Mon, 1 Oct 2001 08:44:54 +0200

This is "the Right Thing to do"(tm).

The trailing slash is a necessity to make it validate as XHTML, which
incidentally is the w3c's current recommendation for HTML markup. -
And the only one that will be expanded in the future.

- but i might agree... - there should probably be a switch to toggle it off=
, if you
insist on creating old-school HTML4 (or godforbid 3.2!)

on or about, Monday, October 01, 2001, we have reason to believe that Trevo=
r Toenjes wrote something along the lines of :
TT> I tried validating Zope's HTML for the first time and
TT> I have come across something strange...

TT> Zope inserts '/>' as the close, instead of just  '>'
TT> for the automatic '<img src...' created when calling an image with DTML.

TT> Here is my code just to make sure I am not doing something stupid.
TT> bullet is a .gif.

TT> <dtml-var bullet>
TT> renders...
TT> <img src=3D"zope/bullet" alt=3D"" height=3D"14" width=3D"13" border=3D"=
0" />

TT> It also seems to do this for SiteRoot's insertion into the header.
TT> <base href=3D"http://www.myzope.com/folder/folder/" />

TT> -Trevor

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