[Zope] Newbie question about ZCatalog

Michael michael@exasource.com
Tue, 2 Oct 2001 17:34:48 -0600

I am attempting to go through the zope tutorial on building a searchable job 
board.  I have implemented it and deleted it three times with the same result 
each time,  I can post, search, get search results and view the jobs, but the 
search returns everything in the database, regardless of the search criteria.

I created my "Catalog", added my "Metadata" items, added my "Indexes" items, 
disabled sub-transactions, created the ZCatalog search interface, set the 
report style to tabular, created my entry_search and entry_report documents.

I set the proxy on my entry_addProcessor to manager, and changed the 
securitysetting on the Job_Board/entries folder to anonymous for "Add Job 
Board Entries"

Has anyone out there attempted this tutorial on Version 2.4?  I can't figure 
out what I am doing wrong.