[Zope] Asynchronous DTML

Brad Clements bkc@murkworks.com
Mon, 8 Oct 2001 14:16:11 -0400

On 8 Oct 2001 at 21:44, W. Robert Kellock wrote:

> Finally a question about gvibDA
> Brad you said that "gvib uses Thunked_TM, so it's essentially single
> threaded during a database request."  By this do you mean that the DA
> itself only allows one database request at a time, but because Zope is
> handling the threading issues above it we end up with several instances of
> the DA when there is heavy traffic?

No, you still have one DA that you instantiated.. just means only one thread can be 
processing a request at a time.

We have used guf and also tried LoginManager both going to Interbase for 
authentication. We also used Interbase for SQLSession and for regular storage for 
ZSQL on our server.

Based on Bob T's advice (author of gvibDA), we actually created 3 Gvib connections, 
using one for SQLSession, one for LoginManager and one for everything else.

SQLSession docs suggest doing this too.

We're now switching to LDAPUserFolder and are planning to drop SQLSession for 

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