[Zope] Accessing ZWiki pages via ftp / permissions

Oliver Sturm sturm@oliver-sturm.de
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 21:19:24 +0200


I hope this is not too dumb... I'm stuck with a rather weird problem. 

I have  a ZWikiWeb at "/projects/abc". 

Security settings for / are set so that only authenticated users can view
stuff there (Manager has all permissions, Anonymous has none, Authenticated
has "Access content information" and "View"). There's also a role
"ftpusers" that has "FTP access". There's another role "abc" that has no
special rights.

Security settings for /projects/abc do the following: 

 - The "Access contents information" permission is not acquired, but set 
   only for roles "Manager" and "abc". The same for the "View" permission.

 - The role "abc" has all the ZWiki related permissions, which are also 
   acquired (though this should make no difference).

Now, all of this works fine. I can use the abc role to work with the
ZWikiWeb, add, change, everything.

BUT: I want to access ZWiki pages in the web via ftp. Using a user with the
"abc" and the "ftpusers" roles, I can access all DTML documents and DTML
methods in /projects/abc. But I can't even read any of the ZWiki page type
objects in the ZWikiWeb, because I get 503 unauthorized folders. I checked
and saw that there are no special permissions on any of the ZWiki pages.

For a test, I granted the ftpusers role every permission available on the /
level, to no avail. I fail to see what else I could allow the user to do,
that he can't do yet. Can someone explain the logic of this to me? Is there
some place to look (a log file or something), where I can see what is the
exact source of this problem? Any help appreciated!

BTW, before I started securing the site by taking permissions away from
"Anonymous", ftp access to ZWiki pages used to work, so I'm sure there must
be a way!

Oliver Sturm / <sturm@oliver-sturm.de>

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