[Zope] A new list needed?

Dan Shafer dan@gui.com
Sat, 20 Oct 2001 13:32:38 -0700

I'm somewhere between a novice and a Zopista, I suppose, so I imagine 
I am representative of the majority of the folks who hang out here.

Speaking for me, I don't find either the volume or the level of the 
traffic on this list to be so onerous that it calls out for the 
creation of a second more technical list.

And not to put too fine a point on it but to suggest not only that we 
need a new list where obviously experienced Zope developers like Mr. 
Bengtsson don't get "bugged" by people asking them to explain 
technical questions but that such a list should be closed smacks 
dangerously of elitism.

The Zope community doesn't seem to me to be so large that segregating 
those "in the know" from those who are desperately trying to be "in 
the know" is a great idea.

I may just be one of those people who "won't ever need to use" stuff 
I ask for more detail about, but I deeply appreciate the positive and 
helpful attitude exhibited by virtually everyone on this list when I 
even think I need such assistance.

It's nice that people remember what was hard for them when they were 
starting out and are willing to help novices even if it takes a few 
extra minutes of time to do so.
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