[Zope] A new list needed?

Behrens Matt - Grand Rapids Matt.Behrens@Kohler.Com
Mon, 22 Oct 2001 08:09:52 -0400

Andrew Kenneth Milton wrote:

> I'm looking for/want a Zope mailing list that's for more advanced 
> programming under Zope.
> zope-dev is for Zope innards, which isn't appropriate, and I think the level
> of some of the stuff that comes through zope@zope.org is a little low
> (and fairly repetitive), which seems to remove most of the skilled people
> from the list due to noise.
> A zope-hackers type list would be quite useful I think. Anyone else think
> it would be a good idea?

Allright, everyone else got their two bits in... I really need to get some sort of weekend mail access :-)

akm's suggestion is a good one, although whether or not it will have the 
desired effect is a big question mark.  To do so I think it needs to 
avoid the stigma it seems to already have: "zope@ is for mindless 
newbies, zope-hackers@ is for people who can tie their shoes, zope-dev@ 
is for Gods".  I'm not sure how to accomplish this.  It's really about 
being in different levels of development, not about "list A has smarter 
people than list B".

I am going to risk having to don my asbestos suit here and say that 
closing ALL the lists would be extremely helpful, and it's not even 
about spam.  Requiring at least a few seconds of lurking before posting 
is a great idea.  If you want hand-holding and don't want to take a 
brief effort to see what the list is about, then you can pay someone for 
support.  Okay, I said it, flame away.

One nitpick re naming:  -hackers is historically used for what zope-dev 
currently is being used for.  If there is going to be any change along 
these lines, perhaps a gradual rename of -dev to -hackers is in order, 
paralleled with a new list -devel or some such.

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