[Zope] Question about caching systems for Zope.

Alec Munro alec.munro@eoascientific.com
Thu, 11 Jul 2002 15:35:41 -0300

I'm new to Zope, and while I understand caching in general, I have 0
experience using it in Zope.
But I have an idea about what I would want in a caching system, so I
thought I would query here and see if any of you can tell me if Zope can
do what I would like. 
Basically, I would like a caching system that allows you to control the
caching rules for different parts of a document?
For example, you can apply caching ruleset X to part 1 of the document
"Apple", and caching ruleset Y to part 2 of document "Apple". 
The need for this is if I had a page that would look the same for most
users, but display user information if it was a logged in user. I would
want everything except the user information section to be cached for
long periods of time, as the source of it wouldn't be updated for often.
But the panel for the user information I would want cached for the
duration of the user's session.
So I'm just asking if Zope offers something like this, or if you have
any recommendations for how to achieve a similar effect. Or if it isn't
doable, how close can I get?

Thanks very much,

Alec Munro