[Zope] Bizarre, Frustrating Browser-Specific Behavior?

Thomas B. Passin tpassin@mitretek.org
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 09:32:57 -0400

[Julian Melville]

> > 3. Only annoying, but in IE5 on Win2K, the object editing
> > area in the ZMI  is too wide for the space and cannot be adjusted
> > using the "Narrower" button to come within range.
> I see this in IE6/Win2K - although it's only slightly too large.
> the Narrower and Wider buttons don't work (but Taller and Shorter do). I
> work around it by using ExternalEditor for almost everything.
> I haven't experienced any of your other woes though, and have spent the
> better part of the last month inside Zope (2.5.1). Sounds frustrating
> indeed.
> In older versions of Zope I would occasionally experience IE crashes which
> haven't seen repeated in 2.5.1, so maybe set up a testbed and see what
> happens.

I have never seen the data garble/loss problem using Zope 2.3.3 on Win2000
using IE5.5, IE6, or Mozilla 1.0.  I just checked and found that the
wider/narrower buttons do not work with either Moz or IE on my machine but
it is rather academic because when I resize the browser window the textarea
resizes to fit, so the scroll bars stay in place.

As for IE crashes, I have had a lot more of these since the last few
upgrades to 5.5, and since the advent of 6, but nothing related to Zope.

Unfortunately, this does not help those who are having problems.  I wonder
if they suffer from the effects of DLL rot (related to DLL hell).  That is,
too many installs have pushed their own versions of certain DLLs, leaving a
system whose parts do not all play together well anymore.  I say that
because, since I had to completely reinstall Windows, I stopped having IE
and Word crashes.


Tom P