[Zope] Extension of the Folder object

Oliver Marx oliver@tekk.dk
Sat, 1 Jun 2002 21:19:22 +0200

A folder will represent an object in a db or several db's

It will contain methods for handling data.
ZPT's which some how needs to know what other db-objects are of interessent
to the user, when looking at this object.

Take fx a chair (object1) .

A chair is placed in a room (Object2).

When viewing the chair - I would like to have a link to the room.

When clicking this link I will see the data descriping the room and have
links to objects in the room.

Am I making sense now?

Thx for your time.


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>>It's hard to give you a straight reply, as it is not clear what you want
>>to acomplish, or why.
>>regards Max M
>>Oliver Marx wrote:
>>>I want to extend the folder object with a property that will
>>link a folder
>>>to other folders.
>>- Link a folder to other folders what does that mean. Have them show up
>>under the 'Contents' tab.
>>- Have their content show up under the 'Contents' tab.
>>- Something else entirely ?
>>regards Max M