[Zope-dev] [Zope] PDF generation from products methods

Maik Jablonski maik.jablonski@uni-bielefeld.de
04 Jun 2002 18:12:51 +0200

On Tue, 2002-06-04 at 18:04, Thierry Florac wrote:


>  - if I have a product instance called "object1" with a "show" method,
> the absolute_url() retrieves "/object1", not "/object1/show", so the
> resulting PDF file is not the good one...
>  - how can I generate PDF files for HTML pages produced via forms
> entries ??

I've just (few minutes ago...;-) added a second feature to html2pdf so
that you can pass an absolute url with a paramter pdfurl... please
download and try it again.


>  - protected pages can't be displayed at all now... I don't know if it's
> better or worse than before...

that's a problem now... you are right... but maybe it's a little bit safer.

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