[Zope] A Vote for Zope Bible

Dan Shafer pydan@danshafer.com
Sat, 08 Jun 2002 12:28:07 -0700

Just thought I'd say I received my copy of the Zope Bible yesterday and 
already am quite taken with it. It has answered three questions I had and 
anticipated two others in only 3 hours of reading.

The chapter on ZPT seems quite good. Combined with the struggle I had over 
the past few days to get to a basic understanding of this important topic, 
I'm encouraged to think I might actually get to be fairly comfortable with 
it before I'm done. It also has what appears at least to be a very strong 
chapter on debugging, a subject which has been a frequent bane for me.

I am encouraged.

Dan Shafer, Chief Scribe and Tablet Keeper
PythonCard Open Source Project