[Zope] importing/exporting

Jens Vagelpohl jens@zope.com
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 07:44:58 -0400

when you use export/import you should ensure that the zope install on the 
receiving end has all the same products installed. importing does not make 
any changes to the file system, so if you have anything on the old server 
filesystem that the site depends on you must copy that to the new server 
separately if it does not already exist there.


On Monday, June 10, 2002, at 06:20 , John P. Looney wrote:

>  I'm new to Zope, and decided to play around with it at home for a few
> hours. I built up a small site, and decided to export it out, and mail it
> to myself in work, where I uploaded it to a Zope server there.
>  When exporting, I clicked on 'import/export' in the root folder, I didn'
> t
> give an export object id (assuming it would just choose /) and clicked
> 'Export'.
>  I got a 2MB file (big, considering I'd typed in maybe 5k of HTML and 100k
> of images). I imported that into the Zope server in work. It seemed to be
> OK, only that it created a folder called 'Zope' and stuck it in there. I
> decided to try move the folders & DTML documents from /Zope to /, with cut
> & paste, but I kept getting errors like:
>  " One or more items referred to in the clipboard data was not found. The
> item may have been moved or deleted after you copied it. "
>  Also, I noticed that I had been using a gadfly database - the import did
> not create a /var/zope/var/gadfly directory at all, so any time I tryed to
> access those methods, it was throwing me errors !
>  Have I done something incorrectly ? Or does the import/export
> functionality not work in 2.5.x ?
> John
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