[Zope] Document Assembly with Zope

Ronald L. Chichester complaw@hal-pc.org
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 21:47:12 -0500

Dieter Maurer wrote:

>Ronald L. Chichester writes:
> > ...
> > Making the HTML form is a bit tricky, but that isn't the really hard 
> > part.  First, as users would be allowed to add folders and DTML 
> > documents at will (this is a necessity for the project), then a python 
> > script can't be used to generate the appropriate document (or can it, 
> > because you wouldn't know the complete parameter string).
>Can you explain a bit better, what you want to achieve with the
>hierarchy and the python script?

The DTML Documents that contain the clauses of the documents 
(agreements) are stored in various subfolders by the type of clause 
(e.g., trademark grant, force majeur, assignment, etc.). Within each of 
those folders, there are one or more (often 4 or more) clauses from 
which the user can choose one (or none). The user would be presented 
with an HTML FORM that would have radio button sets for the group of 
DTML Documents in each folder. One of the radio button choices is 
"None," and the other choices are the DTML Documents. This lets the user 
pick and choose which clauses are to be included in the document that is 
to be generated.

It is an easy matter to use the <dtml-tree> tag to show the various 
clauses to the user. What I haven't figured out is how to get that 
information into an HTML form (with radio buttons) and, more 
importantly, get the selection of clauses into a python script that 
would actually generate the document. Note, the parameter problem stems 
from the fact that the users would be allowed to create new Folders and 
new DTML Documents. Consequently, there would be an arbitrary set of 
radio buttons, one that could not be foreseen, and thus could not be 
included into the parameter list that gets sent to the python script 
from the HTML form. Just generating a list of clauses on the fly really 
isn't enough. The users insist on having a hyperlink to the individual 
clauses so that they can review them before making their selection.

That is the dillemma. Thanks, Dieter. Any help would be appreciated.


>You may also look at "ZTUtils.Tree".
>Unfortunately, I do not yet know a place where this class is documented.
>But the ZPT examples contain examples on how to use it...