[Zope] win32 mysql database adapter

Day Irmiter dayi@peoplepc.com
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 05:49:21 -0600

Here is what finally worked for me (under Win98).

To use Zope with a MySQL database under
Windows, do the following.

1. download the following packages.

the MySQL for Windows installer,
version 3.23.39 (or newer) at 

Andy Dustman's Zope database adapter for MySQL,
version 2.0.8 at

the python extensions package for MySQL,
version 0.9.0 (or newer) at

Isaac Salsberg's BuildMySQLDA package at

2. Install MySQL.

3. Decompress the ZMySQLDA package in Zope's root

4. Decompress the mysql-python package to a temp
directory. From this temp directory, move the
following files to the <Zope_root>\bin directory.

The whole directory MySQLdb

5. Decompress the BuildMySQLDA package and move
_mysql.dll to the <Zope_root>\bin directory.

Restart Zope and you should be able to add a new
"ZMySQL DA Connection".