[Zope] Help with Selection Lists and ZSQL methods

Schmidt, Allen J. aschmidt@nv.cc.va.us
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 09:23:42 -0400

I'm stumped... And the problem is how to ask the question so it makes

I have a page that has 6 little forms (year, make, model, bodytype, etc.)
that each contain a single Select/Option list from a ZSQL method.
Each has been using an onSubmit() to process the form and returns a page of
resultset data. Each other select list only contains valid selections from
the resultset. Each form contains a hidden variable to pass previous
selections on to each subsequent query. Works well for single selections at
each pass.

Now I want to do multiple selections for each form. If I select 2 bodytypes
(2 DR SEDAN and PICKUP TRUCK) I get the resultset fine. 
The URL looks like this: /blahblah?bt=2+DR+SEDAN&bt=PICKUP+TRUCK

Then if I want to select from this resultset only for the year of 2000, the
URL transforms itself and the percent values for the '[' and ']' and the
single quotes of the list are in the URL and are passed to the ZSQL method
and no results. 

I have tried the various methods of transforming the variable (html_quote,
url_qoute) and nothing seems to work. The URL is still malformed.

The above is rather confusing but not sure of the best way to describe the
problem but its pretty close.

Can anyone shed some light? Or point me in the right direction?