[Zope] Re: Adding Custom Namespaces to ZPT?

Hartmut Goebel h.goebel@goebel-consult.de
Wed, 04 Jun 2003 13:53:14 +0200

Hi Evan,

Evan Simpson schrieb:
> Hartmut Goebel wrote:

> Interesting.  ZPT's implementation doesn't have any way of supporting 
> this, although one or more of the alternate TAL implementations may be 
> more easily extensible.

This is somehow disapointing, since I always tought Zope (and ZPT as 
being a part of it) is written to be very extensible.

Can you pint me to some of the alternate ZPT implementations?

> You're essentially trying to make your own mini-language here, and while 

No :-) I just want to insert new namespaces beside 'metal:', 'tal:' and 
'i18l:. This is not another mini-language, but just using XML to extent 
the capabilities of ZPT.

> I won't dispute that this would be useful for you, a generalized version 
> of this capability would take a lot of thought.  Your best bet may well 
> be a quick&dirty hack along the lines of inserting regex-based search 
> and replace on your templates before they're compiled.  Something along 
> the lines of (WARNING: UNTESTED!):

Thanks for the snippet.

This may be a good workaround, but this is not what I wanted. It's 
inefficient to regex-replace the string, if it gets parsed just after 
this. While this may be practical for a few entities or tags, it get 
both slow, inefficient and unmaintainable when implementing some 10 or 
even some 100 of tags this way.