[Zope] can't start zope after upgrade Please help !!

P tiLux ptilux@yahoo.fr
Fri, 6 Jun 2003 14:57:39 +0100


I use zope with a Debian testing/sarge.
The last running version of zope was 2.6.1-4. The last upgrade proposed was
2.6.1-7 . The post-install script of zope didn't work and the install process
failed, but I tried to end the install process by hand...
The other packages of the server are up to date.

This new version of the zope package changes the location of apps, so I
created a new instance (zopectl create), moved the data files to the new
location /var/lib/zope/instance/default/var/ , restarted the server. 

The zope server seems to be running : the port 9173 is open and listening, and
I can see the connection with netstat -ap when I try to connect it.

The issue is that no page is served : when I ask for a page, I receive 0 byte
in answer (the connection times out a _long_ time later).

The /var/log/zope/default/Z2.log file is still empty. I don't see any error
message. One zope process and several python2.1 processes are running.

My production data are on this server and I don't wand to loose them... I have
a copy of the data files before crash, but I don't know if I can reuse them. 

Could anyone help me to restart zope ?