[Zope] stripping .html ending in an id

Chris Beaven chris@d-designz.co.nz
Tue, 10 Jun 2003 16:13:12 +1200

Ok, I better clarify that a bit. Sorry for the rather abrupt reply, I 
didn't read that you were new to Zope... I also missed the fact that you 
wanted to capitalise it...

First things first, don't use the old old format <!--#var something--> 
any more! <dtml-var something> does the same thing and is the accepted 
form now.
You can call my script like this: <dtml-var expr="niceid(id)" 
capitalize> (the expr="" is so that it knows you're talking Python. You 
don't actually *need* the expr=, just the quotes but it helps clarify 
when you are using python or just dtml if you stick the expr= on. Was 
that confusing? Let me explain with an example:)
<dtml-var a-variable> will return the value in a variable called 
<dtml-var expr="a-variable"> uses python to figuire out what you meant - 
will return the value in "a" minus the value in "variable"

Next, you could actually just use the "title" field and manually put in 
a more appropriate title for each page rather than use my poor script 
;). Call it with a nifty method <dtml-var title_or_id> which will revert 
back to the id if there is no title.

There is no attribute in dtml-var that can do _title_ capitalization 
unfortunately. Here's a newer and better script (no where near the best 
it could be but should suffice for you) that I just wrote up. It does 
the extention stripping, spacifying and title capitalizing now:

## Script (Python) "niceid"
##bind container=container
##bind context=context
##bind namespace=
##bind script=script
##bind subpath=traverse_subpath
# strip the extention
dot = id.rfind('.')
if dot != -1:
  id = id[:dot]

# turn underscores into spaces
id = id.replace('_', ' ')

# title capitalization
alphabet = list('abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz')
caps = 1
oldid = id
id = ''
for i in range(len(oldid)):
  char = oldid[i].lower()
  if caps:
    id += char.upper()
    id += char
  caps = char not in alphabet

return id

Chris Beaven wrote:

>Try a python script, something like this:
>## Script (Python) "niceid"
>##bind container=container
>##bind context=context
>##bind namespace=
>##bind script=script
>##bind subpath=traverse_subpath
>dot = id.rfind('.')
>if dot != -1:
>  id = id[:dot]
>id = id.replace('_', ' ')
>return id
>Michael Paul Robertson wrote:
>>Hi, I have a quick question to someone out there. It seems that there's
>>easy way to do this (although I'm rather new to zope (~a week), so I
>>be wrong). What I need to do is take the ID variable of a page in a
>>method call and remove the .html suffix in order to use it as the title
>>a page. 
>>Here's the content: 
>><title><!--#var id spacify capitalize--></title>
>>what it returns for a page call "mission_statement.html" that includes
>>method as a header is 
>><title>Mission statement.html</title>
>>It would be ideal if I could capitalize and strip the .html suffix to
>><title>Mission Statement</title>
>>Sorry for the primitive question, but how can I do this? 
>>Thanks for your help.
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