[Zope] Cooperative work on zope projects

Duncan McGreggor cms@adytumsolutions.com
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 07:20:31 -0400

Stefan Loidl wrote:

> Hello,
> as I understood from discussions on the zope mailing list the
> version feature in zope shouldn't be used any more due to some
> problems and may disappear in future zope versions.
> I think the version feature is quite helpful in doing cooperative
> work on zope projects (i.e. > 1 persons develop a zope application
> together).
> So what I would like to  know is, how others handle this and
> what a "recommended" way to do this is.

For everything that we share, I move (and then use a symbolic link to
point back to where it *should* live... I know, not so pretty) or create
dirs with Ape/DBTab. This lets me treat the filesystem as a ZODB. I then
add everything in $ZOPEROOT/var/mnt to CVS.

There's also a couple CVS products availible for Zope. I have used them
only briefly in the past, and am thinking about revisiting them...