[Zope] sending form data offsite

Bakhtiar A Hamid kedai@kedai.com.my
Thu, 6 Mar 2003 12:15:55 +0800

On Thursday 06 March 2003 09:12, Ed Colmar wrote:
> Hi fellow zope hackers!
> I'm building a site for someone who wants to have the entire site withi=
> zope, to connect to dbs, etc...  But they use a service that requires t=
> to post form data to a master server.
> Is there an easy way (in dtml or python) to do this without seeing the
> data transfer or ending up at th other server's pages?
> So far I've considered making an external method that uses lynx and dum=
> the return data.  Is this the best way?

have a look at KebasData http://www.zope.org/Members/kedai/KebasData
KebasData grabs data from any accessable url, and you can define ways to =
the data returned.  you can use either GET or POST method.

i also make use of timeoutsocket.py, to help limit the "hang" if there's =
trouble with the other site.  note that the timeout affects all of zope .=
so, take care when setting the timeout. (the default is 15s)

i know get method works great, but has done little test with post method

if you'd like to give it a shot, and report success/failure?

> Thanks for the help!
> -ed-