[Zope] Whether Zope can do the job

Stephen Liu satimis@icare.com.hk
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 00:21:59 +0800

Hi all folks,

I join this list recently and have no idea whether this is right place 
for posting following question:

I am searching open source for an alternative similar to PaperPort, 
Pagis Pro, OmniPage or PageKeeper, applications running on Windows.

They provide a platform to keep all scanned images which can then be 
stacked page after page, removing or re-inserting the pages stacked if 
required.  Finally printing them as a pdf file or other format.

One more important job is data searching on the scanned images.  On 
PaperPort you can create a database bank on all scanned images and do 
data searching.

Kindly advise whether "zope" can do the same job?  Thanks in advance.

Stephen Liu