[Zope] IIS-VirtualHostMonster

Philip Kilner zope@zope.org
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 18:12:11 GMT

Hi Carsten,

In article 
<D9B4A9A7EB69D411A07800D0B77FCF6909646DF9@brahms.bbn.hp.com>, CARSTEN 
(HP-Germany,ex1) TANNERT wrote:
> Can anybody help me, who had the same problem and solved it?

FWIW, I put both Zope /and/ IIS (in parallel, for wholly seperate 
purposes) behind Apache: -
- IIS is bound to a private IP.
- Zope is bound to a (Different) private IP.
- Apache Rewrite hands the public face.
- Header Translation hadles sites in IIS.
- VHM handles sites in Zope.

Not sure if this works if you have to do proprietary authentication in 
IIS through Apache - I didn't have the need. Of course, if I hadn't 
needed IIS for other stuff, I'd have junked it and gone 100% Apache.



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