[Zope] newbie - howto get a local javascript file to become a object in Zope

Dylan Reinhardt zope@dylanreinhardt.com
29 Mar 2003 07:19:04 -0800

On Sat, 2003-03-29 at 05:34, Danny wrote:
> I have a javascript file located at my local harddisk and I want it to 
> become an object in zope. 

OK.  Use the Add Product menu to make a new DTML Method, paste your
JavaScript code in and save.

JavaScript is just text as far as Zope is concerned.  Zope doesn't treat
it any differently than regular old markup.  Any techniques you use for
managing, formatting, and delivering text can be used with JavaScript.

> In Zope mangement view its easy 
> enough to create a txt-file and get it on working, but when I want to 
> do the exact same thing in a Product created with Python, it just 
> wont!

Well... products have no trouble using objects created in the ZMI.  If
you want to do this *without* adding an object to the ZMI, put the
JavaScript code in a DTML file that gets associated with an interface in
your product code.

I'd also advise becomming pretty solid on Zope basics before taking on
Products.  It doen't make much sense to extend Zope until you have a
pretty solid grasp of what's already available to you.